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Relationship Death

Relationship Death: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Relationship Death -The title is not a novel name. Rather, summarize the essence of a study. This is the picture of the last moment of the destructive consequences of human relations. Four types of behavior that couples come out in the previous moments of divorce. In other words, it is about 94% of couples. Washington University professor John Gottman came to the conclusion by observing the separation of two thousand couples. For two decades he conducted this research work. He named four of those behaviors, Four Horse Man of Apocalypse.

The deterioration of relationships affects the life of sex. Especially the sex appeal or desire affects most. The survey of Rose Mary Exhibition shows that sexual harassment of women comes from the warmth of the relationship. The emotional touch of the partner raises the woman’s body. Not only that, there is a great deal of influence in the sex life of a man. Epicurean ejaculation, erectile dysfunction may occur if there is a distance between relationships. Any kind of medicine does not work well. So it becomes more necessary to be aware of the relationship.

Let’s know the name of the four horse riders,
1. Criticism or Blame
2. Resistance
3. Hate
4. Stone Walling or Silence

Apocalypse is the death god of which four horses are rides. Seeing their presence somewhere it can be understood that death will be there. Likewise, when looking at the mentioned behaviors in a couple, it can be understood that their relationship is going to die.

The beginning is by blaming. It is said, “why are you so …” or “you always …”. In such a case, a particular aspect of the companion’s personality was attacked. And then the defense of the opponent would be saved. He then started to resist. The reason for the prevention strategy shows that there was nothing to do in that case. Or complain against the complaint. Sometimes they accept the charges but then they try to save themselves.

If it continues, hate comes one time. When hatred is occurring, then the value of the other party ends. Then he or she found fault in all of them. At this stage, there was enough distance between two. The distance began to increase in the silence or the Stone Walling episode.

Whenever there is a storm in the mind of both of them then think of how easy their normal sexual behavior is. So healthy relationships are the pre-conditions of healthy sex life. Having sexual intercourse and having sex in the hotel is not the only one to have sex in the bed room. Because your brain’s inhibition system will not let you do that. The medial orbital frontal cortex deals with your thinking consciousness. Decided to increase sexual tension based on the depth of the relationship.

So love the partner. Take care of the bride. Get the advice of the psychiatrist if necessary.

Consultant Psychiatrist, Dept. of Psychiatry, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University-BSMMU, Dhaka, Bangladesh