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Mind, Psycho Therapeutic and treatment

Mind, Psychotherapeutic and treatment

‘Mind’ is a very familiar and often spoken word. The well-organized united activity of brain is mind. Through this mind, our thinking, imagination, memory, emotions are created and we make decisions by analyzing the various informational data logically.

We can only consider a person mentally healthy when the person performs his / her mental activities (thinking-consciousness-emotional behavior) in a successful manner and make him/her able to cope with the surroundings with a well-balanced and equitable coexistence.

Human body can be unwell or sick likewise the mind can be sick too. Some of the mental diseases are serious mental disorders such as schizophrenia, mania and severe depression etc. And some mental disorders are minor mental diseases. For example, anxiety disorders, unnecessary fear, insomnia, mental breakdowns etc.

Minor mental diseases can be treated psychologically in the early stages. However, if there is a serious condition, treatment should be done through medicines. Medicines are mandatory for the treatment of serious mental disorders.
Prior to the start of science-based psychiatry, the mental patients were considered as a witch, stray, devil etc. and these diseases were seen as the punishment of Satan, the consequence of evil or sin and magic, spell, sorcery, physical punishment etc. were used to treat them. Even they were burnt alive.

Later on, they were recognized as mental patients but due to the lack of medicines it was not possible to provide them proper treatment. As a result, they were kept locked away from the locality and were physically abused in the name of treatment.

Modern science-based medical treatment began in the middle of the 20th century – after the discovery of groundbreaking medicines such as lithium, chlorpromazine, diazepam etc. Mental patients are kept at home or treated to a general hospital from then because these medicines are quickly observed to be very effective in the treatment of the mental patients

Currently, due to the rapid improvement of medical science, the effective medicines for almost all mental disorders have been discovered. Eventually more advanced medicines are discovered and these medicines are more side-effects free and are particularly active on the brain.

So, there is nothing to be worried about mental illness. The need is only to confront the superstitious mentality and diagnose the disease properly in the right time. After that, the patient should be provided the appropriate treatment and the correct amount of proper medicines for a specific period of time.

Associate Professor and Chairperson of Department of Psychology, Rangpur Medical College.