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Panic Disorder

Panic Disorder

Good and bad both are present in human nature. People naturally react to any situation or incident. Anxiety or fear is one kind of reaction which people normally give in some situations. But there is excessive fear or anxiety because of anxiety disorder or disease related anxiety that causes behavioral problems.

Patients who are suffering from that disease have the tendency of avoiding different types of environment, situations and places. Through these types of activities the patient tries to reduce his anxiety or fear. A physician can easily identify the patient by his overwhelming activities which are symptoms of anxiety disorder. If it is not treated, this disease, anxiety disorder, will take a permanent shape.

There are various types of anxiety disorder and panic disorder is one of them.

Panic Disorder – We feel anxious psychologically but it expresses through our body. Many of us wrongly think that these are the signs of physical illness. At first, we need know the symptoms to know about the disease related anxiety disorder or panic disorder. The American Psychological Association has published Diagnostic and Statistic Manual for Mental Disorder (DSM-5) and described some symptoms panic disorder there :-

Panic attacks are unexpectedly and repeatedly seen in the patient. Patient feels sudden fear and discomfort which increases considerably within a short period of time in the case of panic disorder. Here are the following symptoms:

  • Chest palpitates and heart beats increases or faster.
  • Sweating a lot.
  • Shivering in the body.
  • Paining to breath or feel like breathing has stopped.
  • Feeling chest pain or stress.
  • Feeling nausea and pains or discomfort in stomach.
  • Head spinning and feeling unsteady.
  • Not having enough control over thinking and movement.
  • Feeling warm or hot.
  • Parathyassius (experiencing depression or severe pain).
  • Derealization (unrealistic feeling) or depersonalization.
  • Fear of recklessness or excitement.
  • Fear of death

Girls are prone to have this disease more than boys. Although the risk of being affected by this disease is less in 14 years old, this disease can affect with the increasing age as well. Though the panic attack in childhood is very rare, the fear starts to grow from childhood. This disease can not be easily cured rather it lasts a long time and it can also be associated with anxiety, depression and bipolar mood disorder.

Many people believe that they may have a heart attack or stroke because of panic attack. Panic is a symptom of brain tumor that makes people afraid of death and increase the fear that they will die soon.

These patients have suicidal thoughts and they even attemp to suicide too. They become physically disable or disable in social and professional life. They spent a lot of money for medical care and doctors.

Sexual harassment, physical abuse, negative emotional experience in childhood, tendency to worry easily, genetic influences and many other factors like these are the reasons for this disease.

So do not be afraid; It is necessary to win the fear now. Therefore, it is time to be aware of the process of raising children or to have real knowledge about other mental issues. Otherwise, our ignorance will make such mental diseases like panic disorder.