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The Dilemma of Middle aged Mind!

Case Study 1 – Shayla Ahmed (pseudonym) has stepped in 45 years. Her husband has a very good job. She has a happy family with her only daughter and son. Throughout her life, Shayla was so busy for her family that she couldn’t even aware of time. Her life was surrounded by regular work such as children’s education, brought them from school and coaching, cooking, daily work of the house etc. Now the girl has admitted in university and the boy studies in college.

As usually they have become busy with their reading, friends, mobile and computer. The husband stays in the office all day long and returns at night. Shayla is not busy anymore. Her time passes lazily. She sees her white hair on the top of her forehead and wrinkle in the mirror. Shayla thinks that no one cares about her. Shayla’s mind becomes scattered and irritated lately.

Case Study 2 – Rina Chowdhury (pseudonym), 48 years old, has a private job. Her son is studying in abroad. Her husband does business. Now-a-days, Rina frequently thinks that she could do better in her career. She is regretting about her past decisions. For her, it seems like she hasn’t done anything in her life. Over the last few years, Rina is gaining weight. Diabetes is detected along with high pressure. She takes many medicines every day. Jolly Rina looks sad nowadays. Rina often thinks that she will leave the job one day.

These types of problems are often seen in middle-aged women. Generally, these symptoms of middle age are known as ‘midlife crisis’. Although there are debates about the existence of ‘mid-life crisis’, many people go through some crisis within the age of 45-64. Moderate changes in body, mind and social position happen in middle age. Various diseases begin to live in the body and the skin also shows its age. Youthfulness is at the verge but it is not the old age also. At this age, the equation of relationships changes and many close people become estrange. Dissatisfaction with work and career begins. They compare between reality and expectation and feel disappointed at this age. They try to live in the memories of the past. Sometimes they probably feel proud, angry, remorseful or enthusiastic also.

At this time, someone can make some wrong decisions impulsively. Even one may have been involved in illegitimate relationship. Most people can overcome these problems easily but few people become very depressed. The tendency of women to suffer from depression is almost twice, compared to men.

Here are some useful tips to deal with middle age:

– Take care of your health and do checkups regularly.

– Practice walking or exercising every day to keep mind and body refreshed.

– Contact with old friends and do visit to have a chat sometime.

– Do not make any decision impulsively. Discuss with family members before making big decisions.

– Start doing any old hobbies (singing, painting or stitching) once again.

– If you are still depressed most often after trying everything, visit a psychiatrist.

Life is short and also beautiful. So everyone should enjoy it fully at any age. Stay blessed and happy!

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