/Anti-Ulcerants:  the Driving Force of the Pharma Market of Bangladesh

Anti-Ulcerants:  the Driving Force of the Pharma Market of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a densely populated poor country in South Asia with significant achievement in health related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) with noticeable Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth. The density of its population is about 1063 per square kilometer and the otal population is about 160 million; and its health sector is advancing gradually. Pharmaceutical industry is one of the progressive sectors, which contributes 1% to the country’s GDP and is the third largest industry in terms of contribution to the revenue. The current market size is about 14 billion with having almost persistently double-digit growth. There are 267 licensed pharmaceutical companies and the market is almost self-sufficient in meeting local demand as 97% of the drugs are manufactured locally. Anti-Ulcerants are significantly dominating the huge volume sells with marked impact on company revenue. Recent tradition shows, anti-ulcerants as a therapeutic class tops the whole market with having about 15% of the total market share. Moreover, brand wise ranking based on sales volume shows among the top 25 brands, there are 11 anti-ulcerant brands with the top 4 anti-ulcerant brands (Table 1). Pharmaceuticals sales trends in recent past years also maintained the same picture which alerts author to notice the issue so that, it can be addressed properly in regards to the pharmaceutical marketing strategy build up and public health policy formulation; with consideration of the prescribing habit of the physicians as well as the awareness of the population regarding the self consumption of the anti ulcerant medications.  

Table 1: Top Anti-Ulcerant brands with their rank in pharmaceutical sells in Bangladesh.